Bashar Wali


Provenance Hotels


Bashar Wali was a featured speaker at HotelSpaces’19

Spoiler alert: Just when it seems like the hospitality world is about to be overrun by so-called “soft” brands, generic hotel sub-chains rushed to market by larger generic hotel chains trying desperately to chase an audience they don’t understand, one man swoops in to call foul on the whole sordid affair. Armed with a quarter of a century of hospitality experience and an indefatigable passion for creating distinct, unique, memorable experiences for guests at each of his hotels, he works tirelessly to connect this mixologist with that bee keeper, this restauranteur with that local artist, this guest with that city. He is a connector, a synapse, and a bridge. A reformer, a reframer, and a provocateur. He is Bashar Wali.