Laurie Nickchen

Vice President | Development, Design and Construction

Host Hotels & Resorts

Laurie Nickchen has lived in seventeen cities, including Boston, Honolulu, Istanbul and Encinitas (San Diego), in twenty-six abodes in her lifetime. Moving so much has taught her to be flexible, open-minded and given her the opportunity to make friends wherever she finds herself. 

She has practiced architecture, created and managed a start-up, worked in Fortune 500 companies in Development, Design & Construction with a focus in Hospitality for half of her career. Renovations are her specialty with the “three-legged stool” of project management being her workday mantra: scope, budget, schedule.

Laurie has been part of Host Hotels & Resorts for almost ten years and today manages a portfolio of thirty amazing hotels and resorts across the country. The capital expenditure or value-enhancement renovation budgets range from $500K to $130M per project and to date she has been responsible for delivering 194 projects with budgets totaling $742M. 

Laurie is excited to meet in-person the members of the design & construction community attending Hotel Spaces 2021. She is looking forward to the experience of industry leadership reconnection through engaging dialogue.